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Do you want know how to arrive at marriage compatibility ? (South Indian way, - கல்யாண பொருத்தம் - kalyana porutham)

Below are the Marriage horoscopes hints:

There are 10 Matches to be verified for joining two horoscopes for the Hindus, when getting married. The important factors they match horoscopes is to determine
Buy Generic Viagralongevity, health, finance, fortune, children, harmony, mutual affection, temperament and sexual compatibility. The Horoscope matching is done as per the principals of Vedic astrology.

Out of ten, Dhinam, Rajju, Ganam, Yoni and Raasi (five matches) are considered very important. Even out of these five matches, Dhinam and Rajju are very very important. Out of these five, some people give importance to Dhinam, some give importance to Ganam and some give importance to Raasi and some give importance to Yoni

Let us see what aspect each deal with...

1. Dhina (Dhinam) Kuta - Indicates one's fortune, or misfortune or good health of both

2. Gana / Ganam - Temperament and Character, ensures a pleasant and happy life

3. Makendiram / Mahendra - Happiness together - It bestows luck through offspring, Children

4. Stree Deergha (Sri Deerkam - Dirgha) - Constellation - An arrangement of parts/stars or elements, financial prosperity

5. Yoni - It shows sexual and biological compatibility. It indicates conjugal bliss.

6. Rasi - Indicates how the couple will affect each other's quality of life. Quality such as Loss of Wealth or Progeny, Enjoyment, Prosperity, Poverty, Happiness, Unhappiness, Misery, Sorrow, Evil - Unwanted results, Grief, Enmity, Disease, Troubles, and Separation.

7. Rasyadhipathi or Graha Maitram - This indicates the birth of children and their prosperity. Psychological dispositions of the couple, their individual mental attitudes and their affection for each other.

8. Vasiyam / Vasya - Magnetic control or Amenability (The trait of being cooperative)

9. Rajju - This indicates the strength or duration or married life and therefore it merits special attention

10. Vedhai or Dosha - Affliction - A state of great suffering and distress due to adversity/marriage

The below 2 poruthams, are considered only by some sects...

11. Nadi / Naadi - it signifies pulse or nervous energy indicating the physiological and, to a certain extent, hereditary factors

12. Varna - Spiritual development, and application of those qualities of the marrying partners.

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